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Half Hog Deposit

$4.00 per lb carcass weight and processing
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Buy in bulk and save.  This item is fully customizable.  You can speak directly to the butcher to discuss all of the options and preferences.  A variety of sausage blends and smoked finishes are also available.

75% Ratio Of Hang Weight to Product Returned. 

The cost of a whole pig is based solely on the hanging weight of the pig.  The hanging weight (minus head, feet, organs, and skin) is typically 70% of the live weight or approximately 225-245lbs. at a price of $4.00 /lb for half pigs.

Lastly, there are the butcher costs which on average fall around $1/lb. on the carcass weight based on your custom cut instructions. The more meat you have cured, smoked, and sausage made adds to your costs. The less of course decreases your costs.

Here is typical pricing of a whole pig:
Carcass weight 250lbs
Farm Fees - 1/2 carcass weight 125lbs X $4.00/lb = $500

Butcher fees - 1/2 carcass weight 125lbs X $1/lb = $125

Total costs approximately: $625


Pastured Raised
No Hormones or Steroids
Supplemented with Non-GMO Grains
Seasonally Accommodated